In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the meridian system is known as the life energy. Based on this concept, this product can be called portable Chinese medicine CT scan. It uses weak electricity to detect changes of electrical resistance on Principal Meridians (a path through which the life-energy flows), in order to determine the health condition on Zang-fu (five systems of Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lung, Kidney; they are not equivalent to the anatomical organs, but functional entities stipulated by TCM which can be divided into Yin and Yang groups) to reflect metal stress, cardiovascular diseases, tumor, endocrine disorders, etc.
The detecting head deploys a retractable rod. Every time press the metal detecting head to retract, the contact surface is the same. This eliminates data differences in electrical resistance due to press strength. The spring connects to the cable for more convenient uses and the small light body suits to portable applications.

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