The next generation video otoscope, MS102 adopts revolutionized designs in terms of function and provides a user friendly interface that facilitates the entire operation. With such an innovative medical device, a digital image of the observed view is instantly recorded when a doctor conducts an ear or throat examination. By browsing through the digital images in the device, patient’s condition is illustrated interactively, and an electronic medical record is readily established.
MS102 offers brightness adjustment and image magnification to the images captured by various cameras and displays on a wide-screen monitor of high clarity, to ensure that none of the details is missed out. With Wi-Fi function, the image is displayed simultaneously in the external display device or transmitted to other portable devices to achieve the true portability and to provide easy medical training. A compact charger dock including both plug-and-play and power indicating functions is equipped to charge an in-built lithium battery pack to ensure consistent operation repetitively. Therefore, MS102 greatly promotes the power saving and environment friendly issues.

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