When people choose their cosmetics, it’s hard to figure out if the cosmetics are effective for their skin, not knowing their skin status. To solve this concern, AI Skincare Assistant LUMINI – the world’s first portable AI incorporated skin device – provides a data-based approach to skincare. Users can get their whole facial skin scanned in 3 seconds followed by datafying skin and providing an analyzed report procedure. The ergonomic design of the device lies with hand comfort of both self-taking users (B2C) and users utilizing it for others (B2B), supported by the back scanning button usability. An illuminated ring around the front button indicates optimal face detection position. The perpendicular angle of the top rounded module completes a precise detection for analysis. Last not but least, a cradle makes an exclamation point for a smoothly L-curved line of the device, symbolizing aesthetic ‘L’UMINI itself. Thanks to cloud-based AI software and ergonomic design maximizing the function of the scanning module, not only can the analyzed skin data be used for choosing best solutions for users, but it be a core for the next generation sales and marketing solution for cosmetic brands.

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