The Khelix 10E Steerable EP (ElectroPhysiology) Catheter is a novel solution for the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias. This unique and innovative approach to cardiac catheter design revolves around a detachable sheath with a reusable handle and guidewire. After an operation, the blood-contacting catheter sheath is disposed of after each use, while the handle and guidewire undergo sterilisation according to existing hospital autoclave procedures. These catheters have been engineered to eliminate the risks of cross contamination and functional degradation typically associated with multiple-use devices. Importantly, a single-use sheath and a multi-use handle also presents an inherent cost-effective approach. The ability to reuse the handle and guidewire component multiple times leads to cost savings of up to 61% per device. Furthermore, the robust handle with a nitinol guide-wire features a push-pull mechanism and this allows for accurate steering/deflection. Also, the clear functional markings coupled with an ergonomic design makes the catheter user-friendly and easy to operate.

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