Development Background:
The nurses are the busiest people in the hospital , so we want to develop a portable wireless ultrasound fetal monitor that can reduce their workload and improve their efficiency.

Design Concept:
Portable, wireless, easy to operate, friendly

Performance and Other Features:
This is a portable wireless ultrasonic fetal monitor, abandoning the traditional wired connection, which transmits the data to the host by Bluetooth.
Intelligent pairing: when we pick up the probe ,it has been paired with the host, and operators do not need to do other pairing operation;
Inductively charged: the built-in probe box will charge probes automatically. In order to ensure the matching between the probe and the charge contact effectively, we have added the magnetic pair. When the operator uses the probe again, it will has been recharged.
Intelligent power management system:  the probe can automatically turn on /off based on its state of usage to increase the battery life.

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