Development Background:
Most of the low-frequency pulse therapy devices used in the hospital are large cart-type devices, and the devices need to be moved during the treatment. This not only increases the storage space for the hospital but also inconveniences when used. Thus, it is necessary to design a small and portable low-frequency pulse therapy device to reduce storage space and improve utilization.

Design Concept:
mobility ,easy to operate,friendly

Performance and Other Features:
Replacing the original large-scale post-natal rehabilitation equipment, the product becomes miniaturized and mobile. It uses a control knob, channel selection button and interface import slot and other new design elements, combined with the built-in high-capacity lithium battery, greatly increase its compatibility and usability it can access the local area network of the hospital through the wifi system under central management;
It is also convenient to be used outside of hospital. This equipment makes the therapy of post-natal rehabilitation more convenient through wireless network.

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