Isiris is a composition of 2 elements: a single use endoscope (ISIRIS ALPHA) connected and powered by a portable and reusable monitor (ISIRIS MONITOR) . ISIRIS ALPHA is a unique sterile, single use flexible cystoscope solution, designed to remove double loop ureteral stents from the bladder and kidney. ISIRIS ALPHA integrates a grasper for removal of stents in bladder cavities. ISIRIS ALPHA is equipped at its distal end with a digital camera, to ensure high quality images during endoscopic surgical procedure. Isiris is patented (several patents). ISIRIS ALPHA has been designed with the help of surgeons. ISIRIS ALPHA is an elegant looking object, ergonomic and light-weight. The surgeon can now perform the procedure where he wants, when he wants. He is much more flexible and versatile in his organization. Isiris is easy to carry and set up. Moreover Isiris, being always accessible, preserves and allows resources for other procedures with more added value. Last, no more need for complex cleaning procedures. device 3D demo on

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