The integrated pressure sensor IPS monitors pressure in extracorporeal blood circuits which are used in intensive care units or in cardiac surgery. Contrary to current technologies, which feature a pressure measurement system that is located outside the tube via an adapter, the IPS effectively prevents blood leaks and dead spaces through integrating the active sensor surface directly into the tubing wall. To accomplish a reliable sealing, an innovative injection-molding process was developed. The used material meets the highest requirements with regard to biocompatibility and sterilizability and features a high resistance to disinfection agents. It has been developed by Xenios specifically for this application. The appealing shape includes not only a kink protection for the tube but also a gap on the rear which serves as an inspection window as well as an expansion joint to accommodate thermal expansion of the tube. This new kind of pressure measurement allows the physician a faster employment of the system while also reducing the risk of mistakes by rendering several preparation steps obsolete. The combination of these features leaves the physician with a swift and simple therapy.

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