We creatively combine traditional urine tests, internet of things, internet services and shared economy to create an intelligent shared body fluid testing machine. By putting the testing equipment in the bathroom of the office area, people can conveniently and efficiently conduct disease risk screening anytime, anywhere to find out the health risks as soon as possible.
1, health testing and sharing health new retail. Urine routine testing of chemical analysis, through a number of test indicators screening to understand the liver, kidney, urinary system, diabetes and other health risks; timely understanding of their pregnancy status; keep abreast of the period of ovulation.
2, the operation is convenient and efficient. The office bathroom at any time to do a three-minute urine test: scan the QR code, WeChat payment access to products; hand-held detection of urine shower; scan detection, test results instantly synchronized to the phone.
3, minimalist appearance. The overall shape design to simplify, intuitive, easy to understand, easy to use; warm light contrast atmosphere, convey a more temperature, more emotional design, closer to the user’s psychological distance.

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