Weight alone does not correctly reflect the effects of exercise and improved diet. Knowing the current state and changes in muscle and fat mass are vital to understanding the body’s true composition.
Utilizing its patented technologies, the InBody is the premium body composition analyzer that examines not only the Fat Mass and Fat-Free Mass, but also the body’s segmental fat, muscle, and water distribution. In less than 50 seconds, it shows a true assessment of the body!

Different than most medical devices, the InBody’s chic and smooth design was inspired and ergonomically designed to resemble the human body. Holding the handles for measurement not only gives the impression of holding a friend’s hand, but its aluminum hand and foot electrodes were also intentionally designed to naturally guide the user’s thumb and soles into the proper posture.

In today’s society where preventative care and accurate diagnosis of the body is continually critical, we need a friend that we can depend on to tell us the truth. That friend is the InBody.

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