Natural-breathing Sleep Apnea Treatment The iNAP Sleep Therapy System is a sleep apnea treatment device which is designed to provide OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) patients a natural breathing experience during sleep, offering quiet, discreet and portable treatment option to enhance OSA patient’s comfort and ease of use. How does iNAP work? The iNAP Sleep Therapy System consists of a pocket-sized console that connects with flexible tubing to a soft and easy-to-fit oral interface. Through the oral interface worn in patient’s mouth, a quiet pump in the console creates gentle suction in the oral cavity to stabilize the tongue and the soft palate in a forward position, thereby opening up the blocked airway, preventing from sleep apnea. Ease of use and greater portability Unlike traditional CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines, the iNAP requires no face mask and bulky machine; instead, it works with a soft oral interface and a quiet console. The iNAP console provides a simple and intuitive user interface with a built-in battery. The iNAP is portable, lightweight and battery-powered, making it a travel-friendly sleep apnea therapy for OSA patients.

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