The H960 “Meng-Chong” child friendly dust mask is a high performing PM2.5 mask specifically targeted towards Asian and Chinese children ages 4-7 years old. The Ergonomic Design was based on child face morphology studies and went though many iterations and wear trials on hundreds of children to achieve a superior comfort and fit level. While the cute and attractive design increases a child’s willingness to wear the dust mask, innovative detailing and technology was extended to every aspect of the mask. The uniquely patented adjustment mechanism on both sides of the mask allows the child or adults to adjust the ear strap with one easy pull achieving a perfect fit. The internal one-way silicone valve was re-imagined with soft and gentle tactility in mind to avoid potential facial injury if the child stumbles or falls. The material innovations make the dust mask comfortable with water-locking and water-absorbing layers and a skin-friendly Cu+ chemical coating layer for bacterial defense providing a healthy breathing micro-environment for our most precious customers. With all these innovations and still passing the KN95 standard with high performance and low breathing resistance.

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