Starting from the age of 30, arteries will start to get occluded. Do you know the difference between your artery age and body age? According to reports by the WHO, CAD and CVD have been the top two global causes of death in the past 15 years.

With the patented technology of PulseRead, Freescan can obtain various cardiovascular parameters just by measuring one’s wrist pulse and ECG. In coordination with myFreescan App and the online Patient Care System, doctors can then carry out further diagnosis and treatment.

With its anodizing aluminum processed glossy surface, frameless OLED screen and high quality touch panel, the ergonomic design allows users to measure their cardiovascular parameters in just 10 seconds with the most natural gripping gesture. Surgical level stainless steel electrodes and a button with purplish red frame stress the durability and recognizable brand image of the product. With user experience as the core concept of its design, the portable and cuffless appearance combined with technological ideas of the firm perfectly created an elite personalized mobile medical device.

Convenient and real-time multi-parameter measurement is the greatest feature of

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