Free Bred is applying focused ultrasound technology in both postpartum uterus restore,
promoting lactation and lactagogue. It allows the ultrasound to pierce through and deeply
focus on the human body. The ultrasound directly stimulates the contraction of uterus
smooth muscle and the flow of milk. The interventional therapy can happen before the failure
of uterus restore, to effectively improve the recovery of the uterus and lower the bad uterus
rate. For promoting lactation and lactagogue, Free Bred could be applied during the whole
lactation period. The probes of uterus restore and promoting lactation have humanlyconsidered
touch sensation and a smart round shape. They are made of medical silica gel and
manufactured each at only one time. Together with macromolecule coupling agent under 104
Fahrenheit, they have improved the level of comfort, safety, warmth, and are caring like
human skin. 35 degree inclined floating screen is more adapted to doctors’ habits of practices.
Light and compact, agile and easy to control, it builds a relaxing and intimate user experience
for the patients.

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