EXTARO® 300 from ZEISS introduces new applications into microdentistry and helps dentists to differentiate their practice with the services they offer – both functionally and aesthetically.
The intuitive design with a thought-out, centralized user concept known as Mode Control permits users to operate numerous functions with only one hand, enabling them to experience brand values such as innovation, customer focus and reliability at the haptic and visual levels. It activates the Fluorescence Mode, which facilitates more efficient caries detection and enables dentists to distinguish between composite material and healthy tooth substance more easily. Furthermore, the TrueLight Mode simplifies work with composite material thanks to natural color rendition, while preventing premature curing. The NoGlare Mode generates polarized light that permits a treatment without distracting reflections. Combined with the ZEISS Connect App the treatment is documented digitally and the communication with patients is simplified.
The mechanical precision and digital networking of ZEISS EXTARO 300 thus ensures an optimal treatment workflow.

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