The ERGOSELECT 12 is an examination couch, couch ergometer, and stress-echo couch ergometer in one. It impresses with trailblazing functionality, innovative design, and the ability to support patient weights of up to 200 kg.
The low couch height enables patients to climb on easily – especially those who are more elderly.
The thoroughly minimalistic design language, open structure, and harmonious use of materials and finishes alleviate patients’ fears of the examination.
The components required for examinations are manually positioned in a few simple steps. The ergometer unit folds up smoothly and automatically locks securely in place.
The padded elements and attachments are ergonomically designed and offer patients safety and a sense of confidence. A remote control can be used to comfortably adjust both the saddle and the examination position by up to 45°. Up to three couch positions can be stored on the remote. The drop section provides examining doctors with optimum access for echocardiograms.

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