EpiFaith is an indicating syringe that can help physicians to locate a specific body cavity, eliminating the risk of accidental spinal puncture.
With elegant, intuitive design that places the physician at the center, EpiFaith complies fully with current procedures and can help physicians know the exact position of the needle tip by the real-time and quantitative pressure sensing mechanism. The indicator moves forward and a warning zone appears when the needle tip arrives at the right zone. Compared to the current practice that only relies on physician’s subjective judgement, the objective visual signal is much more effective and safer.
Moreover, a flexible fixator is attached to increase the friction force between the plunger and the barrel, helping to hold the position of plunger and free both of the user’s hands to conduct other important tasks.
The whole manufacture and assembling process is simple and low cost, because we believe affordable solutions are the best solutions. Every person, no matter rich or poor, should have the same rights to enjoy high quality medical care. EpiFaith is now providing a painless and safer future for everyone.

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