The eNeura sTMS mini provides a non-drug option for the treatment and prevention of migraines. The portable device uses single pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation (sTMS) to calm hyperactivity of the brain associated with migraine, delivering a brief electrical current to the brain. To achieve ease of use we removed unnecessary features, created an icon driven UI to allow for International expansion, and streamlined the use case to a three-step process; power on, position behind head, and press the button to pulse.
For easier adoption, we pursued a product that looks and acts like a fashion accessory. This design approach brought to life an object that is more likely to be placed on a night stand, live on a coffee table, sit on your desk at work or be brought out in the local cafe- truly democratizing treatment. With a product that “fits” into a person’s life, day-to-day access and better treatment adoption occurs. A patient’s desire to fit this into the average purse became our goal for portability, which enables access to treatment as often as their cell phone or wallet. This user need led us to multiple innovations in the miniaturization & manufacturing of the inside tech.

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