Developed by XION, the EndoCompact combines all the tools important for ENT diagnostics into a single ergonomic and versatile system.
As a result of the compact design and the combination with a flexible articulated arm, the necessary user units, such as video nasopharyngoscope, video otoscope, LED lighting, compact camera and clip microphone, are always ready at hand for the user and in an optimum position to the patient, facilitating comfortable and fatigue-free working.
The automatic device-detection feature ensures an optimum workflow and self-explanatory handling. Immediately after a user unit has been taken from the holder bracket, sensors detect the type of instrument and its condition and then activate the appropriate DiVAS software for control and documentation. The physician can focus completely on the diagnosis.
The tidy, linear design and the streamlined number of control elements contribute to good disinfecting properties and usability.
At the same time a cost-effective system has been created that ultimately provides more physicians with access to this technology, and thus better medical care for patients.

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