Dreamlight is the smartest sleep mask you have ever met. By identifying all the factors that contribute to quality sleep, we created you one-stop sleep care service in dreamlight.Comfort is Dreamlight’s top priority: we used soft materials to design it, used a special mold it to avoid stitching the area, optimized the ear decompression design.Lighting is absolutely essential: We developed a shading system that varies its intensity and colors in accordance with wanted effect. Some of these effects include calming the user into a meditation enabling a quick nap, optimizing for a deep sleep & remedying jet lag. Sound is also key when it comes to quality sleep: Thanks to our integrated Bluetooth headset, we are able to help users enter a relaxed state. Genetics is a surprising factor that regulates your sleep: we can better determine their sleep habits and by using machine learning technology from our Sleep & Gene research, we can offer customized recommendations for sleep improvement.Having tested it on dozens of beta users, and having developed a top Sleep Monitoring App for ultimate customization, we firmly believe that Dreamlight will revolutionize the sleep industry.

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