Working in anaesthetics is multifaceted and constantly changing. Besides the daily work routines in the operating room, it includes a number of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and anaesthetists also need to be able to reliably respond to emergencies. Embodying this complexity, the Dräger Perseus A500 anaesthesia workstation was designed with close focus on the needs of its target group. With newly adjusted, improved ergonomics, it provides an even safer and more convenient work environment. And thanks to its sophisticated and self-explanatory functionality, the workstation highly efficiently adapts to work routines in anaesthetics. The new design concept focuses on individual configurations, allowing versatile set-ups and adjustments. A large worktable, an additional stow-away writing table and generous storage shelves provide a variety of set-up options. In addition, the working and documentation surfaces are equipped with illumination that can be dimmed, while well thought-out cable management solutions allow for quick conversions of the workspace even in the periphery. With more than 120 individual workplace set-ups, the Dräger Perseus A500 is a highly flexible system that adjusts to any kind of work situation – it optimises and supports work routines in anaesthetics.

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