The Baian portable digital colposcope system includes the handheld unit, disposable speculum and a monitoring device aims at portability and simplicity while in operation. The product itself is considered to become a great fit to meet basic requirement of a gynecology department for daily practice in a hospital or clinic, compare with traditional way by using raw eyes for virginal and cervix examination
The product design offers more comfortability for operator’s wrists by a 120-degee intersecting angle between handheld unit and disposable speculum during an actual operation and kept the camera clean and allow more visibility for doctors.The location of keypads meets the user’s habits and is convenient for single hand operate. The internal light source and high pixel camera helps doctors to observe and diagnose in order to improve biopsy selection and therefore documentation. At the meantime, the product delivers the service of snapshot recording and video recording as well as magnification and report printing.
The real-time image that reflected on the mentoring device could give doctors a spot-on result for explaining the situation to patient and therefore decision making.

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