The digit Power® Dispenser is a new impression material dispenser used by dentists during impression procedures. The improved ergonomics result in greater control and precision when dispensing material on a prepared tooth, attributes that over ninety percent of clinicians find to be “critically important”. The digit Power® Dispenser allows the user to get 63% closer to the prepared tooth and requires 84% less force than traditional dispensing devices. The light weight pen-shaped design reduces practitioner fatigue and promotes healthy body posture during application. An OLED display and intuitive one button programming allows the user to select the application mode and monitor the procedure times. The device automatically provides audible notification tones during key intervals during the procedure to ensure timing compliance with material parameters. The dispenser uses proprietary unit-dose cartridges, reducing waste, improving hygiene and ensuring a simplified workflow. All together, these features reduce impression defects, improve clinical outcomes and enhance patient care.

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