It is known from scientific literature, that delivery of drugs into the dermal layer provides numerous benefits over subcutaneous drug delivery, such as:
significantly more effective vaccine and immunotherapy action, faster bloodstream absorption, higher bioavailability, drug targeting of the skin and immune and lymphatic systems
Typical applications are: cancer vaccines and immunotherapies. Verapido in collaboration with Hahn-Schickard presents the dermaject® intradermal injection device, a novel, convenient device for intradermal injections into the top layer of the skin. The device features a patented cannula insertion mechanism, mimicking the Mantoux injection method, combined with microneedle technology. A special mechanism protects against needlestick injuries, the design is compact and intended for single use in humans. The design language suggests a friendly, uncomplicated, progressive, and high quality device. The form geometry points the direction where the puncture takes place. The design of the proximal end guides the user to the syringe interface. There is a simple button which functions to either unlock the microneedle before or retract it after the injection.

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