Patented patient positioning system designed for use with various 2D and 3D X-ray diagnostic devices: Hyperion X9; Hyperion X9 PRO, NEWTOM GiANO; NEWTOM GIANO PRO; NEWTOM VGi evo; CASTELLINI X-RADiUS TRiO; X-RADIUS TRIO PRO. Allows – thanks to its 7 contact points, which can be adjusted to suit patients of any build (adults and children) – quick, simple optimal positioning in keeping with the requirements (different positioning) of all the examinations available on the various devices (DENT, PAN, TMJ, SIN, EAR, CERVICAL, …). All while maximising stability and radio-transparency to ensure the highest image quality.
Soft rubber tips ensure firm head support. These are interchangeable and/or removable, as are the other contact points (chin, nose, bite block), thus meeting all positioning and cleaning needs.

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