The CIC101 from PHOENIX is the most sophisticated neonatal open care system available today. It has been designed to meet the exacting requirements involved in providing care for the pre-term infant and to meet the critical situations that may arise in providing such care. The CIC 101 has a warmer to provide thermal support to the neonate. Simultaneously, it can be used to provide respiratory support to the infant. Vital data such as the pulse oximetry data and the weight of the infant are easily monitored using the CIC 101
The CIC 101has been designed so that there is minimal handling of the infant and care may be provided swiftly. It is outstandingly easy to clean, and thus the vital requirements of hygiene of neonatal care are easily met.
The CIC 101is remarkably convenient and simple to use for such an advanced system. Its presence is as non-intrusive to the care-provider as to the infant.
The scrupulous attention that has gone into creating the CIC 101is evident in its every feature.

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