CLEARinse provides fast, effective, safe relief from nasal congestion in 3 easy steps.

CLEARinse is the first nasal irrigation & aspiration system on the market to comply with clinically approved suction pressure & flow rates.

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends salt water irrigation and aspiration to relieve nasal congestion in infants and children. Only CLEARinse allows you to do both, using airflow pressure and suction rates similar to the devices used in hospitals and doctor’s offices to safely, quickly, and comfortably clear the nasal passages.

Simply fill the CLEARinse port with a pre-measured saline ampoule, insert into the nostril, and press the irrigate button to loosen congestion. Then press the aspirate button to safely draw congestion out.

Sleep, eat, and breathe better, with CLEARinse

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