The Ceribell Rapid Response EEG is a portable electroencephalogram for use in hospitals by nurses and doctors to quickly detect and monitor brain problems, especially dangerous seizures. It has the ability to receive signals from a patient’s brain and record brain wave activity within 6 minutes of un-boxing the device. With a set-up time ten times faster than conventional EEG machines, the Ceribell system can be used within minutes of a patient’s arrival into a Hospital ICU. The faster the brain can be monitored, the better chance the neurologists have in detecting seizure events. The ability to monitor a patient’s brain activity within minutes, all from a small portable device also means EEG monitoring can be recorded on the go, not possible with conventional stationary EEG machines.

The Ceribell system is comprised of two main elements: 1) a low cost disposable headband that wraps around the patient’s head, and 2) a reusable handheld device containing the controls, computer and touch display. One unique function of the handheld device is the Sonification speaker located on top. This allows neurologists to not only see their patient’s brain waves, but listen to them as well.

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