The Castellini Skema 8 dental unit is the first product to be built on a new industrial platform, designed by Cefla to introduce over 60 dental unit models on the market, sub-divided into three separate brands. The new Cefla platform aims to limit production-side complexity and generate products that meet market requirements while ensuring each brand retains its distinctive aesthetics and functional features.
Castellini Skema 8 is a high-end product equipped with an innovative patient chair designed to maximise patient comfort by way of an exclusive sliding movement that brings the entire seat forwards. The unit body features an appealing ‘carbon look’ finish, a first for the industry, and allows incorporation of all the hygiene systems needed to safeguard patient and staff health. The touch screen control panel can display images captured by the video camera or X-ray sensor incorporated on the dental unit, providing users with additional diagnostic capacity and smoothing communication with the patient. The operating light provides optimal lighting conditions for all dentistry specialisations thanks to control of light colour temperature.

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