The Genesys Spine Binary® Lumbar Plate System provides an innovative solution to address fractures, tumors, and degenerative conditions in the anterior and lateral spinal column.

• Consists of Titanium bone plates, Titanium locking clips, and Titanium screws.

• Its patented, award-winning Helios Locking Mechanism allows for counter rotation, back out prevention, and audible, tactile, and visual feedback.

• Lumbar (straight) and Lumbar Sacral (intradiscal) plate options are available as well as variable and fixed angle screws, allowing for more configurable, patient specific fixation.

• Inserter options are the first of their kind to market. The plate and interbody inserter features drill/ screw guide options upon request.

• Our 4-hole drill guide allows the surgeon to place all drills and screws (up to 4 of each) – a unique feature.

• Allows for soft tissue isolation from the screws and drills, accurate targeted screw placement, and flexible shaft screw instruments.

• With a focus on efficiency and flexibility, the Binary® Lumbar Plate System is available in multiple plate configurations, allowing for increased stabilization while reducing patient profile

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