This gene sequencing machine has built-in high precision components, adopting independent sample loading reagent slot & automatic reagent penetration system, it integrates sample loading, sequencing & analyzing automatically within its simple structure, it’s innovative in sequencing technology, compact-size & easy placement, it will be fully applied in basic sequencing projects in clinical field and scientific research field, and it breaks the space limit with wider application scope, it works good even under low pressure in high altitude regions. It has intelligent icon touch control system, enables automatic sample tracking management & sample preparation, to provide the most optimized process guidance the sequencing is extremely easy: simply load the prefabricated, integrated sequencing kits and high-precision micromachining card-type sequencing chips into the body, click on the “Sequence” button, to finish sample loading and sequencing automatically within 10 hours, completing whole process including sample preparation within 18 hours.

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