NX-master is a kit that extracts blood or urine to extract DNA / RNA.
It is mainly used in laboratories and laboratories, and it is used for standing or standing.
The simple front edge is a living design, and it is produced with the image which can enhance the reliability and imprint.
Therefore, you can easily touch the screen while checking the current status of the display by tilting the angle of the touch panel at the top. Extraction efficiency is high because it takes only 10 minutes to extract 48 samples at the same time.
In addition, the angle of the door was controlled so that there was less clogging of the door when the sample kit was inserted or withdrawn, so that it was designed to be easy to see the position when the kit was put into or taken out from the pallet.
A heating panel is installed on the pallet to hold the kit so that DNA / RNA extraction can proceed efficiently.
A pallet cover was applied to easily clean the sample kit when it was poured in or out.

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