The Mobius AIRO is a Mobile Computer Tomography (CT) System with high resolution imaging, a large 107cm gantry bore and a 51.2cm field of view (FOV). AIRO is a 3rd-generation CT system that operates by continuous rotation of an x-ray tube and opposing detector elements that irradiate the intended anatomy from 360 degrees while simultaneously translating along the patient’s ‘Z’ axis following a precise motion profile. The AIRO system is a combination of a treatment-specific patient support system and an x-ray imaging device which produces cross-sectional images of the body. AIRO is mobile and its design accomodates intra-operative use among other use models. The intended location for use of the device is flexible due to its mobility, but includes mobile or fixed General Radiology, Intensive Care (ICU), Emergency Department (ED), Surgical/Operating suites (OR), clinics and/or office use.

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