INTEGRA’s VIAFLO ASSIST offers unparalleled pipetting ergonomics. By attaching a VIAFLO II electronic pipette to VIAFLO ASSIST, the pipette’s protocols can be performed automatically. It reduces manual pipetting to the minimum, relieving lab personnel from repetitive motions that may cause repetitive stress injuries.
Manual pipetting requires practice to achieve reproducible pipetting results. Typical parameters influencing the performance are tip immersion depth and pipetting angle. The automated pipetting capability of VIAFLO ASSIST ensures these parameters are always the same, resulting in an increased reproducibility.
The communication between pipette and VIAFLO ASSIST is established via Bluetooth. The convenient set up and easy to use user interface enable VIAFLO II pipettes to be used for both automated pipetting, in combination with VIAFLO ASSIST, and for standard manual pipetting.
With the smart pipette adapter, all VIAFLO II multichannel pipettes (8-, 12- and 16-channels) can be attached, covering a volume range of 0.5 – 1250 µl.
To satisfy different application requirements, plates from 6-wells to 384-wells can be used in portrait and landscape format.

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