A station is meant to send and receive goods, such as lab specimens, blood and medical products, as well as pharmaceuticals within a pneumatic tube system.

The Ultra Station features a stunning design that offers healthcare facilities the simplicity of modern shapes combined with the latest technologies.

The elegant design, with its smooth and gentle shapes, enhances easy cleaning and disinfecting of the surface. Moreover, the ergonomics of the Ultra station is perfectly adapted at sending and receiving heights. The acoustics, the illuminations concept, and the touch screen based control panel of the station have been completely reengineered to ease the use of the pneumatic tube system for medical personnel, while raising safety, security and hygiene levels. The casing made out of technical compounds reduces the noise emission by 30% compare to common models
Thanks to the innovative use of modern technologies, such as the integrated touch screen, operable with bare fingers or gloves, as well as the visual signals, the Ultra Station offers high functionality to the users.

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