Explore Surface Interactions in a New Way of Operational Ease and Versatility.
The qCell T is a quartz sensor instrument (QCM) for gaining real time insights into molecular interactions, biofilms, liquid properties and even the analysis of blood. qCell T has been designed for unique operational ease and very short time to result.
qCell T comprises a small volume flow cell on a high precision and powerful Peltier driven temperature (T) control system for cooling and heating, a thermostated sample holder and an attached pump for liquid handling. Sensor data acquisition, thermal control and fully automated pump operation are all carried out under the common user interface of qGraph software. For a convenient surface coating by standard lab operations and an easy insertion into the flow cell, the sensor quartz comes mounted on a sensor sheet. Through an optical window the quartz surface can be visually observed during all situations of measurement. All surfaces in contact with the sample solution are highly resistant to most chemicals.

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