PURELAB Chorus is a new modular water purification system, designed to fit individual laboratory needs and space. It delivers all grades of purified water, providing a scalable, flexible, customized solution. Its modular elements can be independently distributed throughout the laboratory or connected to each other in a unique tower format, minimizing the system’s footprint. Two central doors offer all-round access to internal consumables and features, by incorporating a carefully engineered, load-bearing chassis. Physical touch points are purposefully designed. From integrated door handle rims that flow around the central display panel, to the cantilevered halo dispense which provides a generous space for vessels to be filled. Simple haptic controls offer highly controllable dispense flow rates, whilst a halo of light indicates Chorus’ status and projects onto the body to enhance its physical presence and provide ambient feedback. New green technologies give a ten-fold increase in the lifespan of purification consumables, whilst advanced self-diagnostics and data capture make Chorus the most advanced product on the market.

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