Nautilus® CC plus combines the advantages of high-frequency melting with those of vacuum pressure casting.
Efficient use of the alloys
Short melting cycles in the vacuum minimize oxidation of the objects and facilitate subsequent finishing

The Nautilus® CC plus is operated and controlled via a 5.7 inch color touch display which offers simple menu navigation. It couldn’t be simpler: All of the casting programs for BEGO alloys are already stored in the Nautilus CC plus
Convenient, intuitive operation; direct and quick access to all parameters

The new Nautilus® CC plus boasts a large memory: up to 1,000 casting logs can be saved.
Quality assurance: casting logs simply archived and individual diagnosis logs can be sent to BEGO for careful analysis and rapid troubleshooting.
Updates: Thanks to software and alloy database updates via a USB interface, the high-tech casting unit always represents the state of the art

The Nautilus CC plus boasts integrated power cooling.
Does not require a water supply or outlet – can be used immediately anywhere.
Ecological: no water consumption, no water damage and no reliance on local water quality

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