Clear analysis Being able to determine laboratory values in a quick and uncomplicated manner is a key advantage in the development of new medicine. Until now, expensive active ingredients needed to be analysed in time-consuming measurements. The Monolith analyser was designed to improve this process significantly. Based on an innovative fluorescence method, it allows examinations of even the tiniest liquid samples for molecular interaction under conditions identical to those inside the body. In this way, new medicine can be tested for their effects faster and more realistically. The Monolith analyser software is self-explanatory and intuitive to use by almost any user. Offering straightforward handling of samples and easy insertion, the analyser delivers detailed results within minutes. A great advantage is that this device thus makes complex measurements affordable even for small laboratories in the fields of both education and research. In addition, the Monolith’s design is clear and compact, making it stand out among typical laboratory appliances. Its proportions are well balanced and it offers a functionality that is transparent and intuitive in use. High-quality materials and a choice of unobtrusive colours lend the Monolith an appearance of durability and professionalism.

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