The ADVANTAGE PLUS® Pass-Thru Endoscope Reprocessor represents the gold standard for infection prevention and control at premier endoscopy units. The ADVANTAGE PLUS® Pass-Thru Reprocessor allows fast, asynchronous reprocessing, touch-free operation, reduced scope handling, and a processing capacity of 4-5 scopes per hour. Reprocessing To eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination, the wash chamber is divided into two sections, creating two separate work areas and allowing for complete separation between clean and contaminated products. As a means of protection, scopes are kept in trays throughout the sterilization process, including washing and drying, as well as transport in and out of the operating theater. Transparency Large windows and a ‘talk-through’ device facilitate communication between the two work areas, and give the unit a pleasant, bright impression. Doors Sliding door closes with gravity, preventing finger pinching and catching. Foot switch allows for touch-free operation. Three available settings for service: Daily, Weekly, and Technical. Optimal hygiene is prioritized in all aspects of the design.

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