The Labotect C-Top is a benchtop incubator, in which human and animal embryos and other biological cell material are incubated. Thanks to its design it offers ideal incubation conditions regarding humidity regulation, which for the first time almost reaches the saturation point due to its porous filter element, and gassing. Until now, the C-Top needed to be provided with expensive mixed gas, with the Labo Gas Mixer it is now possible to flexibly and individually supply mixed gas with different concentration of CO2 and O2. The Gas Mixer, which has been available since 2014, was developed as a solution for the gas supply of the C-Top and its design is inspired by the C-Top. Both devices have a glass panel with integrated capacitive buttons for operation. This and the clear lines inside the incubation chambers simplify the cleaning process in the daily laboratory work. Since the C-Top is only able to enlarge its potential since the launch of and in combination with the Gas Mixer (up to three C-Tops can be supplied by the Mixer), both devices are applying for the Red Dot Award as a bundle. You will find more details on the products on:

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