Kibion® Dynamic is a new and innovative device for quantitative diagnosis of breath tests. Kibion® Dynamic employs detectors of non-radioactive 13C-labelled stable isotopes based on infra-red technology. With the Kibion® Dynamic device physicians can perform fast and reliable analysis of Urea Breath Tests for detection of infection with Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium that is implicated in gastric ulcers and gastric cancers. The device provides multiple test results within minutes with only breath samples from the patients and eliminates the need of complicated invasively examinations such as endoscopy. The clean and sleek design emphasis the innovation and novelty that characterizes the device. A major focus in the design process was to ensure that the device was user friendly i.e. easy to use and to maintain. The angled front makes the instrument easy to access for the user. The large touchscreen is integrated in the front to create a clean and hygienic interface. The software is designed to support an intuitive workflow without distractions and is performing various plausibility checks in the background to ensure a quick and safe analysis with the highest accuracy.

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