The new FOx Diagnostics device analyses protein and DNA samples using high-tech, medical fibre optic technology. The case is efficiently designed without compromising user-friendliness and accessibility. Rounded corners and a white casing make the device light-weight and responsive. The translucent, aquamarine face plate allows you to follow the internal processes without then requiring too much attention. The hidden, outer hinges allow you to open the door vertically. This means that a minimum of working space is required, while maximising access to the device. The accented line down the side also splits the large side of the casing all at once, and thus provides the required additional design tension. A ripple in the front surface makes the door easy to open and was specifically kept subtle as a part of the series of sleek lines. The integrated ventilator at the back is also done in this sleek, lined pattern in order to keep the casing as clean as possible.

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