The 3Shape E3 scanner is a break through design in this class of products for the dental labs. This level of sophisticated design and premium engineering is never seen before in dental labs and this totally changes the perception of the design quality for this class of products. The scanner merge new technology together with a radical new design statement. Build on the functional Scandinavian design tradition, the product shape shows the physical movement of the scanner. The scanner moves with two rotational axis that each are shown with a beautiful circular design element: The circle on the back side and the circular holder in the center. The scan object is placed in a central “place of honor” being visually framed by the curved top and curved button part of the scanner. Together, this gives the iconic and recognizable design. This is also the first lab scanner ever made with an end-to-end quality user experience from packaging, unboxing, software, industrial design to the smaller details such as product label and accessories. The can scanner can recognize when a new scan object has been inserted and will start scanning automatically, which is never seen before in this industry.

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