The DURAN® TILT media bottle system features a clear functional design language. Liquids are pipetted from laboratory bottles within “biosafety cabinets”. To minimise contamination, the access into these cabinets is via a height restricted opening, often meaning that users have to adopt poor working postures. In addition, pipetting liquids in a sterile manner is a difficult technique for new users to master. The DURAN® TILT bottle addresses these problems by having a compact body, a wider mouth, and a special 45º tilted position optimised for pipette access. The bottles are made of a highly resistant pharmaceutical grade glass, and have a space efficient shape for storage in fridges. There are clear volume indicators for both the upright, and the tilted positions, and on the left and right sides. The ergonomically-shaped screw closure has hand friendly grips. A removable silicone sleeve provides protection against light for the contents, as well as providing a non-slip surface. Sample identification is provided by a printable cap label, and a colour coded neck tag.

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