CL-1000i is a brand new benchtop Chemiluminescence Immunoassay system which conducts measurements on blood samples. It was developed to ensure safety and efficiency of use for In-Vitro Diagnosis . Its special “L-shaped” transparent cover separates two different partitions: inside is the partition for movable parts , and outside is the partition for operator’s daily operations. Operator does not have to open the cover to complete the daily operations, and the observation on the internal moving parts is also unaffected. Due to the “L-shaped” design, an operation table formed on the machine, and this table can save the space of the crowded labs. A sliding door for the sample loading module brings less interference to the daily operations. Combining the handle with the number indicator lights makes the loading samples more convenient. A swing arm with touchscreen is flexible and adjustable, so the software interface and machine can be operated at the same time.

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