The Aquios CL flow cytometer from Beckman Coulter represents a real and significant breakthrough in the field of clinical cell analysis because it is the only true ‘Load & Go’ system that combines sample preparation and cell analysis in one instrument; it therefore represents a unique solution to operation challenges in routine diagnostics. In addition to its clinical benefits, Aquios CL is built according to the highest industrial standards of both craftsmanship and design. With a frame of steel and covers of sheet metal, it not only speaks a clear conceptual language, but in addition provides a maximum in user safety without any sharp edges and with surfaces that are easy to clean. With its straight yet elegant color coding and discreet haptic elements, the user is guided without the need for visual symbols. The combination of unique technical features and optical layout summarizes both the functional, as well as the aesthetic notions of the term ‘design’ in one instrument, from process control to a clear visual layout. Aquios CL was recognized as one of the most innovative products in the healthcare field by the 2014 M&K award jury.

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