Stride P is the most recent addition to the patient-centric Unitron family of hearing aids. Developed for patients with more severe hearing loss, the organically shaped, behind-the-ear (BTE) Stride P combines the best of fluid styling, comfort and intuitive control. For more severe hearing losses, a larger hearing instrument is required to house a more powerful battery: Stride P accommodates this with style and grace, featuring a flowing shape that tucks discreetly and comfortably behind the ear. G2 curvatures yield a smooth, flawless surface, while the darker accent applied to the central housing is designed to create the illusion of a smaller hearing aid in the hand . User controls are characterized by intuitive design, including defined tactile differentiation of program and volume buttons on the smooth top curvature, easy operation even for those with dexterity issues, and a battery door that ensures batteries are inserted correctly. The close attention to physical and psychological comfort (how Stride P feels and how it makes wearers feel) and intuitive functionality improves patient acceptance.

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