At MED-EL, it is our mission to overcome the challenges of hearing loss as a barrier to communication and quality of life. The goal of our hearing implant solutions is to enable our recipients to experience the most natural hearing possible. With this in mind, the design of the SONNET audio processor focuses on delivering exceptional performance in a sleek and modern housing.

The SONNET delivers high-fidelity sound in a wide variety of listening situations. The dual microphone design provides directional hearing, for a clearer and more natural perception of sound, especially in noisy environments. Our unique FineHearing sound processing technology delivers the full spectrum of sound, including deep bass tones, for a richer, more natural listening experience.

The splash-proof SONNET provides users with independence and security in everyday life. The highly efficient SONNET is able to deliver optimal performance while maintaining an excellent battery life.
MED-EL is dedicated to providing exceptional support for both new recipients and our current users. The SONNET provides 20 years of legacy implant support, enabling all of our recipients to reach their fullest hearing potential.

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