Developed with breakthrough designs and technological capabilities, the Beltone Legend™, is the world’s first full family of Made for iPhone® (MFi) hearing aids, including for the first-time, custom in-the-ear models. Beltone Legend revolutionizes the sound experience by seamlessly integrating technology and lifestyle solutions to address hearing loss. Beltone Legend™, with its unprecedented levels of personalization, unmatched sound capabilities, discreet design, direct connectivity to Apple® iOS and several of the most popular Android® devices, is a perfect hearing solution designed to suit most wearers’ unique audiological needs and fit preferences. This high-quality hearing aid brings the most advanced hearing solutions on the market to people living with hearing loss. Beltone Legend’s delivery of direct wireless streaming capabilities eliminates the need for intermediary devices and having to touch hearing aids to manipulate programming—a quantum leap forward in discretion and accessibility for the hearing impaired. With the Beltone Legend, wearers can also experience the next level of hearing customization with the HearPlus™ app. Beltone HearPlus app allows users

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